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  1. Dawn says:

    We’ve lent our extras out and they’ve not been given back and now would like to change the lock on our main entry door. We’ve also got another door in the garage that has a different lock & key. Is it a good idea to change that one too, to make them the same? Even though it’s protected by the auto garage opener? We’re in Coquitlam. How much, and how soon can we get this done? Please help.

    • Lockpicker says:

      Hi Dawn,
      It is Definitely a good idea to rekey your locks. It is easy to key alike locks as long as they are compatible. Your garage door opener is not really a security device so rekeying that lock is also a good idea. I’m sure if you wanted to book this we could get someone to you today. As far as cost is concerned I beleive Ryan has sent you an email to explain that.

  2. Jackie says:

    We just bought a new townhouse and will get possession in mid October. My collegaue suggested that I have a locksmith at the townhouse the day I receive the keys so I could change the lock to the doors right away. Could you please advise how much it would cost to have the locks either re-keyed or changed?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Lockpicker says:

      I would suggest calling into thte shop or sending us an email:

      It is difficult to provide you with an estimate without first knowing what area the townhouse is in and how many locks there are to be re-keyed.

      I can tell you that our standard service call at this time is $65.00 and to rekey Multiple Locks it is an additional $20.00 per cylinder.

      If you require a more formal estimate or to book an appointment please call our office or send an email.

      Thanks for using our Ask a Locksmith Page.

  3. sam says:

    Recently lost my car keys to my 95 civic manual transmission. Got replacement keys from Honda, but it seems my ignition key is separate and not stock (used car, most likely replaced ignition.) Now my car is parked in the middle of nowhere and i need new keys made. Do you guys provide onsite service? Can you make me another key? If so how much am i lookin at here price wise?

    • Lockpicker says:

      Hi Sam,
      Good question. Yes we do provide onsite service for this type of problem. Because the Ignition lock on your vehicle is different than everything else it does make it more difficult to fit a key. If your car is in the Greater Vancouver area, you are looking at somewhere in the area of $155 to $200 depending on where your car is when you say middle of nowhere, and the amount of difficulty we have fitting the key. This is a rough esimate with very little information. If you want to get a little more information call our shop and anyone there will be happy to help you. Thanks for your question and using our “Ask A Locksmith” section

  4. מנעולן says:

    Pretty basic question but I need to know how it works in your state…
    If locksmith breaking the door, and he did not need to replace a lock, simply open a clean break, the price differences should be that high? I mean the replacement lock is it took me more than twice, does it make sense? Thank you!

  5. Richard Back says:

    Hi! I’m looking for 2 locking cylinders for tractor truck(columbia) fuel cap. If you have some ready-made stuffs or need more informations, do not hesitate to send me e-mail. Thanks.

  6. Eric G. says:


    We are moving into a brand new townhouse this weekend but the lock on the front door that comes standard with it doesn’t appear to be the greatest.

    What do you suggest we do? Add a deadbolt? Or a second lock? How much do you think we are looking at? Can you guys do it?

    • Lockpicker says:

      You are probably correct. Many times a developer will install sub-standard hardware as a cost saving measure. I would suggest replacing the lock with a quality deadbolt. If key control or lock bumping is something you are concerned with we can help with that. You may be in need of a High Security Deadbolt.

      You can call our shop Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5:00 to discuss your options. Our shop Phone numebr is 604-291-0444. You can also send me an email at and I can better inform you of your options. I would at a minimum suggest your re-key your existing lock so that old keys and contractor keys no longer function.

  7. Aaron Dawes says:

    Hi, we recently purchased a home that was built in the late 50′s and are in the process of changing some of the door handle locks on the interior doors. Unfortunately, on some of the doors, the hole in the door for the knob is not in the standard place. It is approximately 5 ” to 5 1/4 ” from the edge of the door to the center of the hole. The old knobs had some sort of an extender/adapter piece, however the pieces don’t work on the new knobs.The pawl on the interior door locks that I recently purchased only adjust from 2 3/8 to 2 3/4 “. Is it possible to get longer pawl’s or extenders of some sort? Just wondering if I have an alternative instead of purchading new doors?


    • Lockpicker says:

      Hi Aaron, Thanks for your question. In answer to it, the simle answer is yes there are some lock manufacturers that are still making a 5″ backset. You may not be able to use the hardware that you have purchased but I’m certain, that if you bring what you have bought to our shop along with a photo of the door you want to put it on we will be able to help you avoid having to purchase new doors.

      • Aaron Dawes says:

        That is great news. I see that you are closed weekends so I will need to arrange for someone else to come into your shop on my behalf. Is there someone in particular that I should ask for?



      • Lockpicker says:

        Anyone should be able to help you out. Our store is always staffed with qualified locksmiths Mon to Fri 8:30AM – 5:00PM. W

  8. Boris says:


    The key broke in the key cilinder of Thule roof box.
    Can you remove the part from the cilinder?
    How much would it cost?


    • Lockpicker says:

      Broken keys are usually not a problem to remove. Come by our shop and 1 of our technitions should be able to help you. As far as cost goes, it is dificult to give you a firm price because it depends on how much trouble we have in removing the piece of your key and if you have another key or we have to make a new key from your broken one. Make sure you bring the end of your key that was on your keychain. If we don’t have to much trouble you can expect a cost of around $20.00 or so to remove the broken key and then the cost of fitting or just cutting your new keys.
      Thanks for your question Boris

  9. Marla Shewchuk says:

    I have a ’91 Toyota Corolla and the tip of the ignition key has broken off in the ignition. The broken section of the key is not sticking out of the lock as it is just the tip which is broken and in the ignition lock. The car will still start by putting the broken key in the ignition, although I have to jiggle it slightly to get it in. What is the easiest solution… can the broken key tip be removed, or do I have to replace the whole ignition cylinder?

    • Lockpicker says:

      The best thing to do is drive the vehicle to our shop as soon as possible. This broken key will stop working at some point and then you will require our road service to attend or have the vehicle towed. Be aware that this will likely happen at the most inoppertune time.

  10. Claudia Li says:

    I live in an old home and we have 2 closet doors with a lock that uses the same key. Since we’ve moved in we’ve lost that key. One of the two closets have remained locked (we know it’s empty). Anyways, we would like to access that closet again and we were wondering if we could have the key made by bringing one of the doorknobs in to have it made. If it is possible how long will it take and how much would it cost us?

    • Lockpicker says:

      You can bring in the one lock from the open door, and we can make a key to that lock. You are probably looking in the neighbourhood of $20.00 or so dollars plus Keys and Tax. It is a rough estimate. There are many types of locks so I can give you a better estimate once I see the lock in question.

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